Review: My Lady Jane

Title:  My Lady Jane

Authors: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Genre: Young Adult, Alternate History, Fantasy, Romance

Pub Date: June 7, 2016

Publisher: HarperTeen

Source: June Uppercase Box 🙂

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My Lady Jane has been alllll over my Twitter recently, so of course my interest was piqued. I’m a monthly subscriber to the Uppercase Box and I had a feeling it would be June’s choice, so I chose not to pre-order on Amazon. Low and behold, I was right! Funnily enough, I let my daughter choose my next book to read from my TBR pile and she used the “professional” way of choosing books. As an 8 year old, that translates to “eenie, meanie, miney, mo” and ta-da I’m reading My Lady Jane.

I want to preface this with the fact that I really enjoy historical fiction. I had gathered that there was a bit of fantasy mixed with alternate history, so I was intrigued. This was the only part of the book that I didn’t really love. The whole idea of the Edians and Vertities just wasn’t a home run for me. However, I see how it added to the humorous tone to the book.

Overall, my favorite part of My Lady Jane was the narration. It was unlike any type of narration that I can recall reading and it was giggle-inducing funny. If you were to google Lady Jane Grey, you’ll find that the authors stayed true to some of her actual history. I appreciated the fact that they let you know when they completely altered her real-life outcome. They did it in a way that did not distract you from the actual story.

Personally, the characters make the story for me. If I don’t love at least one of the characters, chances are I didn’t enjoy it. Lady Jane Grey was my kind of girl. She loved books, like me, and could live without a man, like me. 🙂 I connected with her and on a feminist level and therefore appreciated her. I learned to love her new husband, G, even though I thought it was silly he was a horse all day. He fell in love with her in a (mostly) innocent and whole-hearted way and struggled with the doubts that sometimes plague an arranged, or even new, marriage/relationship.

If you want something light-hearted, partially historic and with a dash of fantasy then I definitely recommend My Lady Jane. It was unlike books I’ve read before and definitely worth 4 stars!

Rating 4


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